Thank you!

To the 727 people

who joined us on the three reforestation dates
and the Environmental Resilience in Community
in Community.

Reforestation results

Loma Grande


La Mina

We planted
1180 trees


We planted
801 trees


We planted
1840 trees



The sum of conscious wills, drives us to reach the
goal of the trees. Therefore, we delivered a total of 9,975 trees
for the communal reforestations of Santa
Catarina Minas, Ocotlán de Morelos and San Martín Tilcajete.


Throughout 19 years, we have successfully
achieved reforestation, forming micro-forests that have
native biodiversity and slowly building a
biological corridor in the Ocotlán Valley.


It is the program in which you can contribute to our annual reforestation.

Adopt a tree from wherever you are and visit it in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca.


This year, with your support, we will reach our goal of

12,000 trees.

In order to carry-out the reforestation, many resources and great collective work is invested.
Your donation helps us support this project that will benefit both the person and the community.

What do you contribute?

Your adoption donation includes:


A Copal

(Bursera glabrifolia) sturdy that can adapt
to climate and different biological factors in the environment.

18 months of

in the nursery garden before being reforested.

PHASE 1: Preparation for reforestation

PHASE 2: 3 years of care once planted

It is the time for the tree to adapt to the change in the environment and its influencing variables such as light, water, and soil. At the end of this period, the tree will be able to protect and anchor itself to the earth through the development of its roots.

A new plant in a different climate needs 288 L of water a year until it adapts to its environmental factors.

We increase soil nutrients through organic fertilization: mulch and organic substrate of worm compost and leachate.

Consists of removing unwanted plants, known as weeds, from the bowl and the contour of the tree.

We trim the plant to favor its development in volume and size.

What does the Jacobo
and Maria Angeles workshop provide?


Equivalent to 3.38 hectares for reforestation 2023. Where we guarantee that the trees will be cared for and respected.



-Forest engineers that design and execute reforestation.

-Farmers and country persons with years of experience in reforestation.

-Heavy machinery: backhoe, tractor and water pipe.

-Tools: shovels, picks, crowbars and digs holes.



We will make a detailed map of the space with coordinates, to let you know the results of the reforestation and to evidence that your adopted tree was planted correctly.



The use of space is planned to maximize the number of trees per acre that allows each tree to count on enough space to grow healthy.


Copal reforestation

It is the distribution and spatial organization of the different components of the plant community; it is largely a function of their biological form.

•Emergent layer
Guamúchil, guaje, tepehuaje

•Canopy layer
Copal (bursera glabrifolia)

•Shrub layer
Agave angustifolia, agave karwinskii, agave marginata,

•Herb layer
Pastos y leguminosas

We are committed to transparency in presenting
tangible results, and continuing to perfect our model.

If you would like to know the results of AuA in previous editions, visit:

Progreso s/n, 71506
San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca.

Open 365 days a year
Monday to Sunday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact: 951 365 4462
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Progreso s/n, 71506
San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca.

Open 365 days a year
Monday to Sunday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact: 951 365 4462
E-mail us

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